What are the reasons for high prices of disinfectants and gels?

What are the reasons for high prices of disinfectants and gels?

As you probably know, the final price of a product consists of many components (excluding costs incurred by all entrepreneurs).

Attention please - a few words from behind the scenes!
For the disinfecting gel, the largest current cost increases are due to:
Prices / availability of raw materials,
Price / packaging availability.

Chemical raw materials, i.e. mainly alcohols, have risen 300% on the market or are unavailable due to the use of existing stocks at distributors. The waiting time for delivery of packaging is from 2 months to 5 months at a pre-epidemic price or slightly higher.

Packaging available on the market went up from 100% to 400%.

The prices of disinfectants imposed by state-owned companies are impossible to propose by entrepreneurs because they are much lower than the cost of producing the product by private companies.

Of course, the information given above does not change the fact that many manufacturers of disinfectant gels and liquids from outside the chemical industry appeared on the market suddenly releasing products without laboratory tests and permits (as you guess these are also considerable initial costs combined with a long waiting period) imposing a scandalous margin.

For example - we had (not) the pleasure to meet on the store shelf a disinfectant liquid (made of two-component) produced by a company from the zoological industry. The cost of this product was PLN 70 gross for 500 ml.

We ask everyone to make a conscious purchase considering the composition, consistency and price of the product.

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